4 Tips to Staying consistent with your new year's resolution
4 Tips to Staying consistent with your new year's resolution

4 Tips to Staying consistent with your new year's resolution

By: Chris Dorka | January 1, 2018

New Year's Resolutions typically include changes in exercise habits. However, these habits typically last about a month or two and the old habits come back. Here are some easy tricks to keeping those resolutions front and center.

Each New Year’s is a list full of resolutions that will focus on improving quality of life. For most those changes include adding in more activity each week, and/or trying a new style of exercise (i.e. yoga, strength training, etc.). Those first few weeks in January are successful with sticking to a workout routine. Whether it’s getting to the gym or exercising at home, the idea of doing this consistently doesn’t seem that daunting. Once February comes around however routines start to become stale, results slow down and that burst of motivation vanishes. Here are four ways to stay consistent with your exercise resolutions:

1. Set goals that are measurable: Whether you want to lose weight and inches, increase strength or train for a competition, set goals that you can track progress. It’s easy to say “I’m going to workout more the first of the year”, but what does “more” mean? Start that first week in January by taking measurements (of your choice) and retest every few weeks.

2. Make your resolutions visible: This may seem like common sense but many people forget to write down what their exercise goals were for the New Year. Waking up and seeing your resolutions every day is a healthy reminder of what you want to accomplish. Try writing down a list and taping it to the fridge or bathroom mirror. If you live through your phone calendar then add it to your daily list of “to do’s.” Whatever your method make sure you see it every day.

3. Workout with a friend: Having someone else to meet at the gym is a great way to keep you both accountable. Not only does your workout frequency stay consistent, but an exercise partner also pushes you more during that sweat session. The benefit also extends outside the gym by allowing you to support each other through those days when motivation seems to be lost.

4. Hire a personal trainer: If you can afford it a knowledgeable personal trainer is a great way to help you reach those fitness goals. Not only does a trainer keep you accountable with a consistent schedule, but he/she will provide you with a safe and effective workout program that is built specifically for you. Once the progress starts to slow and the workouts become stale, a trainer will make the appropriate changes to keep you moving in the right direction.

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