2 Interval workouts to do outside the gym
2 Interval workouts to do outside the gym

2 Interval workouts to do outside the gym

By: Chris Dorka | March 1, 2018

research shows interval workouts are efficient and effective for losing weight. get outside and rev up fat loss with these 2 workouts.

At CFP we try to focus on total-body strength training workouts, but incorporate cardiovascular training within the workout to make it higher-intensity. Depending on goals most people should be active 5-6 days per week. Because the majority of clients only train 1-3 times per week at CFP, its encouraged to participate in some sort of cardiovascular exercise outside of the gym. With hectic schedules throughout the week it can be difficult to find an hour or so to complete these cardio workouts.

As compared to long steady state cardio (i.e. distance running/biking at same intensity throughout workout), interval workouts (alternating between periods of high-intensity exercise and low-intensity) are shorter but can be more effective at burning fat and improving cardiovascular fitness. Research has shown that the metabolic rate is elevated for a longer period of time after completing an 20-30-minute interval workout versus a 60-minute steady state workout. What does that mean? Your body is burning more calories at rest for an extended period of time, typically 12-24 hours after finishing your last interval.

It’s encouraged to CFP members that they engage in at least 2 interval workouts per week last anywhere from 20-30 minutes. Here is 2 of CFP’s favorite interval workouts to complete outside of the gym.

1) Stair/Hill Workout: Some of the lowest impact exercise to do outside is walking/running up stairs or a hill. This form of cardio is great for all levels of fitness because you can gauge the intensity. Whether you run or walk up the incline, your heart rate will rise fairly quickly. Find a hill or a long set of stairs that you live near. Before you begin walk or jog on flat ground for 5 minutes. Start your intervals by walking up the stairs or hill. This period of high intensity exercise should take you at least 20 seconds to complete. Follow this by walking back down the stairs or hill, which is considered your lower intensity/recovery period. This should take anywhere from 20-60 seconds. Once you reach the bottom start the next interval. Complete 5-15 intervals depending on your fitness level.

2) Neighborhood/Park Intervals: Another interval workout that can be done by walking outside your house, however this is higher impact if jogging or running is involved. This workout you will have to push yourself a little harder because there is no incline to naturally raise your heart rate. Use your neighborhood or find a park nearby where there is a path to walk/run. Start by walking or jogging for 5 minutes. Start your intervals by picking a landmark ahead of you (i.e. stop sign, end of street or path, etc) and walk fast/run until you reach that end point. This should take anywhere from 30-60 seconds. Once you reach the landmark walk for 60-90 seconds, this is your lower intensity/recovery period. Complete 5-10 intervals depending on your fitness level.


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